You Can Take a Beautiful Companion with You to Stunning Benin

Benin is a wondrous nation that encapsulates all of the finest things of Africa. Stunning scenery, amazing beaches, fascinating wildlife and, of course, a warm welcome. Many people the world over dream of going on Safari and Benin offers some of the best safari opportunities available for travelling guests. There’s also the incredible culture to take in, as well as new flavours to try.

As with any trip though, it’s never quite right unless you have somebody the share the experience with you. If you don’t have somebody to join you, why not ask an escort to be your companion?. You will find escorts that will be more than delighted to join you, and they make for very good companions indeed.

Michelle is an escort that just loves trips to Benin. Working with PalaceVIP, she has been taken numerous times and is always eager to go again.


Travelling – Knowing the Big Game

Michelle is a huge fan of going on safari. She knows all about the African wildlife and is happy to share her knowledge. When Michelle is on safari with you, you have your own private guide that will help make sure you don’t miss a thing. Her father used to be a big game hunter but Michelle chose to shoot animals with cameras instead.

Going on safari is one thing. Michelle, however, has gone off the beaten track and tracked animals so she can get the best shots of them. Most of her companions though would rather stay in the relative comfort of the safari jeep instead. For those that are more adventurous, Michelle can take you closer than other people are likely to get.

Romance in the Evenings

Although there is so much to see and do in Benin, there are sometimes when you will just want to take it easy. In the evenings, you can enjoy fine meals with your companion and the setting can be very romantic indeed. Fine hotels will pamper you both with meals that are fit for royalty. With the fascinating safaris in the daytime and the luxurious treatment in a romantic setting at night, you are sure to be in for a night of passion.