Escort Emma has a Holiday in Benin

The African continent is a place that often inspires wonder and awe, with its incredible wildlife and vast landscapes. It can also be a daunting place for visitors though, with stories of unrest plus, of course, the danger that the wildlife can pose. Still though there are plenty of African nations that will make for a holiday that nobody could forget, and Benin is a truly great choice.


Wonderful holiday : Beaches and People

Palacevip employee Emma, who has been a London escort for 3 years, has visited Benin several times and says that the wonderful beaches and warm welcome make the place so alluring. “The beaches and the people are wonderful”, said Emma. “Every time I go I get such a warm welcome from the locals, they make it almost like a second home for me”. “Every time I leave I am always looking forward to coming back as soon as possible”, she added.

Seeing the Real Benin

As much as Emma enjoys the amazing beaches and luxurious accommodation provided at the resorts, she also likes to venture off the beaten track and visit parts of the country that other visitors tend to avoid. “The country has not been without its troubles in the past, and away from the 5 star resorts there is a lot of poverty”, she said. “The people are still so welcoming though and I have had a lot of experiences that changed my outlook on life”. “I would recommend that anybody visiting Benin travels away from the tourist areas for a real eye-opening experience”, she finished.